When Roses Bloom

Jun 25, 2017 | Flower Whisperer

Samantha Le Roux, Flower Whisperer

When Roses Bloom


For Crystal Spirits by Samantha Le Roux –  Founder of Serenity Natural Healing


For as long as I can remember I  have always had a love for nature and creating things.

In nature and in creation I find my bliss, my joy, my happy place and my soul!

As a child with much older siblings, I grew up on my own like an only child. I’d spend copious amounts of my time in our beautiful garden on an acre or more of property playing outdoors amongst the trees and flowers sometimes sneaking off into the veld behind our home and getting lost in my play with the fairies and other imaginary friends and the delights of secret trails, tall woody grass, the weeping Willow, the tunnels and stream and the branches of the wise old Oak tree, Mulberry and other cool hiding places.

At school, besides French class, my favourite subject was art and I’d spend hours and hours drawing, mixing powder paints or splashing pages in water colours.  The funny thing is that right up until adulthood, the only thing I could ever really draw was flowers yet the simple shape of their petals and different faces gave me so much joy.

My school books, journals and even boardroom notebooks as an Adult later in life, have always had endless patterns and pages of doodles… always of an array and assortment of different types of flowers: Daisey’s, Daffodils, other pointy star shaped flowers and my favourite ….  the Rose.

Flowers have been such an important aspect and ally in my daily life that all these years they have supported me in more ways than I could ever imagine, yet I never really even noticed them or knew just how healing they could be until a few years ago.

We see their beauty and colours as “pretty” to look at, as an ornament in a vase, a “thank you” or “get well soon” gift, or an occasional “I love you” on valentines day, we go about our days like busy bees with no time to really “smell the flowers” or really connect to their healing energies. We are completely oblivious to them and their special gifts.

Isn’t there a reason why we give bouquets and gifts of flowers to friends and loved one’s or to cheer people up?


Have you ever stopped to think:

“Why do we need to get away from it all and escape into the “bush” or visit the sea-side or a park for a breather ….  ?”

Why do we always feel so refreshed and revitalised afterwards ? or Why do a bunch of Roses only last 3 days in a vase in your home?

Getting back to my experience with Rose’s……. there is something very intriguing and captivating about the Rose that I’ve always loved.

I remember as a child my Mother had the most beautiful Rose garden and although the Roses had nasty thorns I always loved wandering in and around them and getting lost in between them.

The rainbow of velvety petals in different pinks, corals, red and yellow hues and the sweet perfume of their different fragrances. I’ve recently come to realise that the Rose, and in particular the Pink Rose, is an important life long plant ally for me personally.

“She” has always shown up in different scenario’s in my life and in every home, I’ve ever had.

We are “Twin flames” the Rose and me.

Through mild depression and anxiety in my teens, relationship and career challenges in adulthood, through illness and through the very first Flower Remedy I ever made – to the best gift I ever received, 40  x Red Roses from my Father on my birthday, a memory I will forever treasure particularly for the healing it held for us both at the time.


Her secret is that the Rose only blooms and opens her heart when she feels safe to do so….

from the most delicate bud with tiny thorns of protection to the most breathtaking full flowering bloom.

We can determine and even “feel” the healing effect and medicinal resonance on the human body by examining the doctrine of signatures, in how or where a plant or flower grows.


When the Rose blooms…

Her message is a reminder of my own inner beauty, acceptance of my true authentic self and to open my heart to loving, honouring and nurturing myself more and more each day.

She teaches us to have compassion for ourselves and forgiveness towards others.

The Pink Rose is a healer for the self, the Red Rose is a healer for relationships with others and the White Rose is a bringer of purity and cleansing.


When the Rose blooms…

It is a message that through self-care and self-love, only then can we truly shine…

We can not give of ourselves if we have a barrier around our hearts or if our cup is half empty.

We can not give of ourselves to anyone if we are depleted or live in fear.

Love and fear can not co-exist.

It is only through love for ourselves first and foremost, our soul, our sacred body and temple that we can learn to love another and it is only through “forgiving” that we can attain true inner peace. Simply put, Forgiveness is “for-giving,”  first to ourselves and then to one another.

I’ve come to realise, experience and know that flowers and plants like humans are very much alive!

I feel their loving energy, I connect to their adoring spirit, I sense and hear their Divine messages and they do indeed carry profound natural medicine.

They carry one of the highest natural vibrational frequencies on the planet. The only way we can raise our vibration and heal is through embodying vibration and medicine that is already higher than our own. Flowers and plants have the ability to grow, receive sunlight, nutrients and water and are bountiful on earth. Like us, they have the ability to grow from a tiny seed inspiring new hope and dreams, growth and developing into a flourishing plant, full of divine potential.

Our ancestors had only the Earth as a means of sustenance, survival and to create medicine in centuries gone by.

It is time for us to wake up and honour these special plant beings, their healing plant spirits, and Mother Natures gifts.

Every flower on earth is linked to a human emotional trait and is a gift to support and deeply heal us.

From the wise words of Dr Edward Bach “It is in nature that we can indeed, truly find ourselves!”


So when petals fall and the Rose sigh’s with her last crimson breath….

 Lean into your heart even more and open it wide, feel with every depth of your being the joy of being truly present and alive!


Let go of fear now and simply Love.

Show gratitude for all of her precious healing and for all “she” the healing Rose has cleared energetically and emotionally for you in your home and personal space.


To honour her spirit & yours, practice these tips on self-love and care:


  1. Spend 2-3 hours each week in an activity that truly nurtures your soul (paint, read, dance, cook, ride a bike, nap, go for a walk etc …. “Schedule a date” with just yourself and commit to it)


  1. Practice “for-giving” – this can be difficult at first but practice makes perfect. Write down a list of who you need to forgive and over the next few weeks do the necessary work to let go. You can write letters to these people and symbolically burn the letters as a way of releasing the energy or simply journal your thoughts and feelings. If you have the courage and motivation, try buying a bunch of pink roses and giving this to the person you need to forgive without any expectation with a gentle prayer and invoking of the rose’s energy for emotional healing and support.


  1. Meditate – even if it’s just for 5 to 10 min each day. When we go within we find our higher selves and this naturally helps provide clarity, self-healing and connection to Spirit. Even better, connect with any healing flower that resonates with you and meditate with the flower in your lap or in your hand or held to the 3rd Eye or just by being mindful of its shape, form, texture and fragrance etc.


  1. Give yourself permission to buy a bunch of flowers and truly make time to really notice them through mindfulness. Notice your feelings and effect on your mood and journal daily any thoughts or inspiration that comes to you. Notice any emotions going on at home, in your space and the effect on the flowers, they will support you.


  1. What did you love doing as a child? Why not try this again now and nurture your inner child even if it means going to the Milky Lane and having a waffle and ice-cream!


  1. Invest in natural medicine – Check out the Serenity “Healer of Hearts” Spray and the Pink Rose Flower Remedy now available through Crystal Spirits or on-line. Created with floral and herbal tinctures and using combinations of healing crystals including Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite to bring about deep emotional healing and support for the heart chakra. This natural medicine will assist with alleviating depression and anxiety, promoting self-awareness and self-acceptance, a healthy self-esteem and self-confidence and overcoming fear and self-limitations or relationship challenges and loss. Gentle enough for Children, Teens and even Pets.


  1. Lastly, to honour and love your fresh cut flowers – carry out these tips:                               Always cut the stems under water to release air bubbles approx 5 cm from the tip. Put 2-3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a vase to help the flowers drink more easily and to clear any bacteria, preventing the water going bad and smelling. Put 2-3 teaspoons of sugar, honey or agave syrup in the water as natural plant food. Make sure you change the vase of water once a day in hot sunny weather or every 2 days in winter adding the vinegar and sugar each time. Please NEVER use JIK in the water as this is a very harsh chemical. Treat your flowers with love and respect and give prayerful gratitude for their healing.


Wishing you abundance in flower blessings always,


Samantha Le Roux

Founder of Serenity

Email: samantha@serenitynaturalhealing.com

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