Shweshwe Fabric Face Mask


100% Cotton Shweshwe Fabric – Available in pink + orange prints. Actual fabric may vary on purchase pending stock availability.

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We are delighted to stock and sell these gorgeous, brightly coloured, Shweshwe fabric, face masks designed and created by ShaziCazi Design.

Each fabric mask is made from a durable designer fabric in a three-layer system to maximise comfort and protection whilst being completely washable and reusable.

The Inner layer provides ultra comfort and quick-drying characteristics during vapour transmission. A removable filter provides adequate cover to nose & mouth with the filter fabric without restricting breathing.

The outer layer, Shweshwe fabric is available in a variety of prints and colours to suit your mood and outfit!

When you purchase online we will contact you via email on colours and fabric choices available. Each mask is individual and unique and pending stock and fabric availability.

Finish & Style

Fitted face contour from the bridge of the nose and under the chin with ear elastic. The masks are a one size fits all to accommodate most adults.

Wear Your Face Mask & Boost Your Emotional Well-being with Serenity Products

We love the idea of adding a dose of flower power to boost your mood, uplift the spirit + enhance those groovy “feel-good” vibes.

Simply add a few drops of your favourite Serenity Natural Healing, flower essence or spray a little Healing Mist to the inside lining of your mask covering the mouth and nose.

Whilst you go about your day wearing your mask – you will be breathing in the healing energy of our flower essences to support your emotional well-being + boost your mood, elevating +  uplifting your personal frequency.

Feel calmer, more joyful and more at ease.

Remember to practice excellent hygiene

Always wash your hands before putting on your mask + removing  the mask

Do not share masks with others

Do not touch your face

Use a gentle hand sanitizer as required

Wash your mask in warm soapy water, iron when dry

Remember to use your Serenity Healing Mist Spray or Flower Remedy, add a few drops or spray a fine mist on the inside of your mask  + breathe in all of those feel-good vibes 🙂 – We recommend the Crystal Star + Healer of Hearts sprays.


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