Sacred Soul Journey Oracle Cards & Flower Essence


Oracle Card Pack  + a  Protea Flower Essence for emotional wellbeing & meditation

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We have collaborated with artist and author Shelley Adams to bring you this beautiful card pack to support your healing journey and meditative practice.

Shelley Adams is a well-known intuitive artist with a long history in the creative and healing arts. Her artworks have become an integral part of her journey, and the medium through which she receives many of her sacred teachings. Shelley is recognized as a healer, wise woman, facilitator of personal transformations, and as a sacred space keeper and witness.

Aware that her paintings carry significant and profound messages for people, Shelley was guided to create this wisdom card pack from her original paintings with their divinely inspired messages.

Recommended use

Use this card pack any time of the day as part of your personal healing journey. Spend 20-30 minutes in the morning connecting with your sacred self, doing a few light Yoga stretches to support your body, having a cup of tea, adding a few drops of your flower remedy for emotional balance, and supporting your meditation practice. The flower essence will open the door to turn inwards towards truth, enhance your practice, raise your frequency, open your heart, and support you to expand further into your true divine self.

Emotions are the language of the Soul and each one of us is here to embrace our own unique Soul Journey which is why combining the flower remedies into this healing practice is so beneficial.

Once you are done, reflect, journal, and use this beautiful card deck for inspiration,  guidance, messages, and profound insights before you go about your day.


This uniquely South African created gift pack includes a set of the Sacred Soul Journey cards with 1 x Serenity  Protea Flower Essence


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