Rose Geranium Beauty Spritz


100% Organic Floral Water containing flower essences. Balance, refreshen & hydrate your skin. Use as a facial or body spritz to boost your mood.

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100% natural & organic hand-crafted Rose Geranium Floral Spritz created in small batches from fresh botanicals out of our very own flower garden.

This gorgeous rosy pink, floral spritz will open your heart with its subtle Rose fragrance. It is completely natural, taking on the natural organic colour, fragrance, and medicine of the flowers and their petals. We have added in extra flower essences, botanical and essential oils with Malachite, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz gem essence to boost your mood and give your skin and complexion a natural healthy glow.

Roses and Geraniums have been used in beauty and skincare rituals for centuries and are known to have amazing natural healing and antioxidant properties. The gem essences within this spritz not only support you emotionally and spiritually but also have amazing natural healing, anti-aging, skin renewal, and cell regenerating properties.

Include this lovely spritzer into your beauty regimen as a natural facial and all-over body mist, as a skin toner before applying any moisturiser or facial serums, or after your yoga or gym session to refreshen, hydrate your skin and boost your mood.

Because this product is created seasonally, it’s offered in limited stock quantities as a 50ml spray while stocks last. Due to its natural organic nature, we recommend using it within 1-2 months of purchase. Contains Witchazel as a mild preservative and natural, gentle astringent.


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