Mini Spray Gift Pack


Starter Kit, Gift Pack, Travel Kit –  features 8 x  of our most popular healing sprays


Get a selection of eight of our most popular healing sprays in one handy pack!

This beautiful pack is ideal as a gift for yourself, a cherished loved one or as a handy starter kit for Therapists or those wanting to have a combination of different healing sprays at their finger-tips. Each bottle is small enough to fit comfortably in a handbag or laptop bag so you can also use it on the go or as a travel pack.

Now you can feel uplifted, joyful, calm and at ease wherever you go! Each spray contains flower essences for emotional balance and harmony!


Includes 8 x 25ml Serenity Healing Mist Sprays:

Healer of Hearts, Sunbeam, Brave Heart, Bright Spark, Crystal Star, Bubble Shield, Goddess & Cosmic Creator

Each spray bottle is made from glass so that the crystal and flower energies are preserved at a high frequency and can be used later as a refillable bottle.


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