Botanical Perfume Oil – Custom Blended


Honour your sacred self with 100% natural botanical perfume oil. No parabens, sulphates, artificial parfums or chemicals.


We now offer custom-blended perfumery with the magical healing gifts of flower + gemstone essences created from a natural, organic base of sweet almond oil and other fragrant botanical oils and essential oils.

Choose from 4 different fragrance profiles:
  • Romantic + floral fragrance notes with flower essences for living compassionately feeling loved, cherished, beautiful
  • Sensual + spicey fragrance notes with flower essences for living passionately, feeling sensual, bold, confident
  • Citrus + sweet fragrance notes with flower essences for living joyfully, fully, feeling free, playful, creative
  • Earthy + fresh fragrance notes with flower essences for living more presently, feeling peaceful, clear, focused

A beautiful way of honoring and treasuring the sacredness of your body through fragrant perfume oils that also provide healing and emotional balance. Feel like a Goddess, be more present with yourself, connect body & soul holistically through the ancient art of anointing with consecrated perfume oils. Cherish your body as a holy temple of the Divine.

100% natural with no harsh chemicals. The perfect gift for yourself or a treasured loved one. Please allow 3-7 days for delivery as each perfume oil is hand-crafted. Upon purchase, a consultant will be in touch to tailor-make the perfect blend for you.

Each perfume oil comes in a 30ml glass dropper bottle wrapped in our beautiful earth-friendly packaging. Some perfume oils contain actual flower botanicals or crystal chips. Every blend we create is unique and individual just as mother nature intended.

Please note: 100% natural plant & nut oils are used – not suitable for pregnancy.


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