Celestial Bliss – Archangel Anointing Oils


Gift Pack – 8 x healing/perfume oils to invoke divine, angelic support


Celestial Bliss is a brand new addition to the Serenity range.

Each heavenly oil embodies the healing quality and personality of the specific Archangel. Created with nut and plant oils, essential oils, crystal and flower essences. Use each Archangel oil as a perfume, healing or anointing oil, to work on specific issues, for meditation or simply to feel uplifted and connected with the heavenly realms.


Each gift box contains 8 x Archangel Pulse Point Oils:

1 x 15ml AA Michael – Angel of protection, courage and communication

1 x 15ml AA Raphael – Angel of healing, abundance and safe travel

1 x 15ml AA Uriel – Angel of peace, wisdom and strength

1 x 15ml AA Gabriel – Angel of purification, clarification and creativity

1 x 15ml AA Metatron – Angel of Ascension, sacred geometry and akashic records

1 x 15ml AA Sandalphon – Angel of prayer, mercy, anchoring light on Earth

1 x 15ml AA Chamuel – Angel of compassion, unconditional love, finding purpose

1 x 15ml AA Zadkiel – Angel of transmutation, forgiveness, the violet flame of transformation

Allow yourself to be embraced, loved and enfolded in the soft wings of the Angels with this heavenly set of 8 x Archangel Oils.


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