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A powerful companion to guide you through change with grace & positive intention.


A collection of mind-body-spirit tools to help you navigate change with grace & positive intention.

A Spiritual Toolkit for Change is Samantha’s debut as an author and includes a compilation of practical tools and strategies by 12 contributing authors – a powerful collaboration of motivational, spiritual, and health practitioners who are highly rated in their respective fields.

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The purpose of this book is to serve as a guiding light to help you better navigate these challenging times of change. You will benefit from a variety of modalities including channeled guidance, flower essences, color and sound therapy, meridian yoga, body integrative therapy, mindfulness practice, relationship guidance, trauma management, medicine wheel journeys, and much more! Embrace the changes you encounter in your life with inner peace, balance, and clarity.

Learn more about Flower Essences & receive true wisdom, practical tools, and tips from Samantha on earth-based healing practices that will not only help you to feel good about yourself and more aligned to your true nature but will also enable you to gain greater emotional-self mastery and feel more empowered when you feel challenged by life.

Contributing authors include Theresa Walstra, Michelle Attwell, Diane Williams, Dyan Belonje, Shelly Adams, Greta Allen, Samantha Le Roux, Christo Barnard, Penni du Plessis, Vuyo Mellet.

Book a Session with Samantha  & receive 1-on-1 guidance on an emotional wellness regimen using flower remedies to support your overall holistic health or maintenance program.

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