Crystal Child Healing Oil


For Empathic Children or Adults, ADD, ADHD, Autism

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A 100% natural healing oil blend combining essential oils of vetiver and lavender together with flower and gemstone essences for emotional balancing and support.

This healing oil is suitable for youth and adults including, timid or highly sensitive individuals. Immediately reduces overwhelm, or fear and helps you to feel more grounded and peaceful. This oil is easy to apply roll-on and is great for use as an “on-the-go” rescue remedy oil for young children whenever they act out or are in need calming or soothing or for adults to just calm and soothe anxiety away.

Fits easily into a purse or handbag. Crystal Child oil will immediately calm, soothe, reduce tears, anxiety, panic, confusion, terror or feelings of being overwhelmed, confused or scattered.

It helps to ground, to focus and to feel more at ease, it also promotes joy. Applied to the soles of feet before bed, it also aids restful, peaceful sleep.

Directions for use:

Rub on to pulse points, behind ears, under the feet, on temples, behind the neck, collars of shirts or on a tissue to inhale. Place tissue with oils in pillowcases too. Use and anytime as needed. This product can also be used together with the Crystal Star Healing Mist Spray or Crystal Essence or in combination with the Pink Rose Flower Essence.


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