Bright Spark Healing Oil

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For studying, concentration, clarity and focus. Relieves procrastination when things simply must get done.

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A 100% natural healing oil blend combining flower and gemstone essences for emotional balancing. Bright Spark is a special uplifting blend great for adults and students that promotes clarity and focus, reducing mental fatigue. Use it as a study aid for enhanced day-to-day clarity, focus and concentration, for longs nights of swotting, to prioritise tasks and get things done or for more complicated projects and analytical work requiring huge amounts of  attention to detail and mental capacity.

For easy “on the go” application, fits into your handbag, laptop bag or pencil case. Bright Spark is excellent for those all-nighters or times when you wish you had more hours in the day to complete everything.

The flower and gemstone essences help to keep your emotions calm and balanced and composed, helping you to feel more at ease so you can focus on what you need to do without the stress and panic.

A 100% natural  “stay awake” remedy that clears the mind for when procrastination sets in.You can also use this healing oil in combination with the Bright Spark Healing Mist

Directions for use:

Rub onto wrists and other pulse points, use behind the ears, under the nose, on temples, and the nape of the neck, avoid the eye area. This special combination of essential oils and fragrance immediately goes into the bloodstream assisting to “awaken and revitalise.”


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