Allergy Bomb Healing Oil

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Relief from allergies, colds, sinus and hayfever

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A 100% natural healing oil blend combining flower and gemstone essences for emotional balancing and support. For allergy, sinus and hayfever sufferers, head colds, flu, stuffy nose or “fogged” feeling. When the immune system is low and we fall ill it is often a result of emotional fatigue, being overworked, pushing ourselves to hard and undergoing severe stress. Our emotions impact our health. This healing oil blend helps one to breathe easy again, nurture and rest, allowing yourself to flow with life, take it in with ease and allow it to fully enfold. Combined with 100% natural carrier and essential oils, it will also physically soothe the nasal passages and respiratory system.

Directions for use:

Rub onto your pulse points, behind the ears, under the nose, under feet, on the chest, on temples, behind the neck, collars of shirts or on a tissue to inhale. Place tissue with oils in pillowcases too. Use in the morning or in the evening before sleep or anytime as needed throughout the day. Contains Eucalyptus oil.



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