Violet Fire Spray


For transmutation, purification, raising personal frequency, forgiveness, mercy & benevolence.Imbues energy of Archangel Zadkiel


Violet Fire was created in April 2018 – channelled by Samantha while working with the Violet Flame decrees. Violet Fire carries the energy of Archangel Zadkiel, St Germain & Christ Consciousness Energy (i.e. the energy of Ascended Master Jesus also known as Yeshua).

Product benefits:
  • Brings about Immediate clearing and transmutation
  • Powerful when invoking St Germain and Archangel Zadkiel
  • Clears space / environments
  • Removes any toxic low-frequency energy from the luminous energy field (aura) particularly emotional cords, hooks or foreign energy from others
  • Connects to universal and cosmic light
  • Cleansing and purification – immediately raises vibration and shifts anything negative to positive expression clearing away dense heavy energy (anger, fear, despair, irritation, sadness, guilt, shame, low vibrational energy and thought structures or matrixes)
  • Protective – brings in high-frequency light
  • Useful for forgiveness, mercy, benevolence (towards self and others)
  • Created using Amethyst, Stichtite, Sugilite and other purple high vibrational crystals together with Bougainvillea flower essences and channelled healing
  • Vibrational frequency during production on Dr Hawkins scale = 800+
  • Raises personal frequency and lasts up to 6 hours in the auric field/space
  • Contains 100% organic Palo Santo (from Peru) and Juniper essential oils
Directions for use

Use this spray with the violet flame decrees for immediate transmutation and to shift anything negative or to bring in immense light and positivity to create change, particularly in situations where you feel triggered, stuck or challenged (emotional, mental, spiritual and space clearing). This spray will raise your personal frequency! Use as an aura or body mist spray particularly around the heart, solar plexus, 3rd eye (clairsentient & psychic centres).

It can also be used by healers and therapists before any energy work to bring in the violet flame and call in St Germain & Archangel Zadkiel particularly for emotional healing where forgiveness is needed. This spray extremely powerful and will help clients to release toxins of all kinds, foreign energies and attachments, cords, hooks, negative thought structures, psychic attack etc. Violet Fire assists with that which the soul is ready to let go of, or that which must be released for healing to occur.

Use the spray before healing sessions by activating your hands before on-the-body treatments or any kind of clearing of the self before you work on a client or during healing on the client. Trust intuition on what feels right.

For powerful space clearing

In combination with the Smudge Cleanser & Bubble Shield Protector, Violet Fire is extremely potent! It is recommended to spray the Smudge Cleanser first to clear environmental space to “dust” and “break-up” any “nasties” then to use the Violet Fire spray to transmute  all low vibrational energy and immediately clear and bring in high-frequency light and healing, then seal and protect the space with the Bubble Shield Protector spray.


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