Sunbeam Spray – Clearance Sale!


Uplifting, joy & happiness. For abundance of all kinds


Sunbeam uplifts the Spirit and promotes “Joie de Vivre”  promoting absolute joy, harmony, abundance and general well being.

Carrying the energy of the Sunflower and 3 Crystal energies including Sunstone, this spray provides a healing ray of divine light for mood swings, depression, anxiety, the “blues,” feelings of despair, sadness, general melancholy.

Sunbeam will bring in the sunshine again increasing a positive outlook on life,  helping you to “see the glass as half full” as opposed to “half empty”. It also creates flow, increasing personal abundance and prosperity teaching you about gratitude and to strive for happiness in each moment.  It also helps you to attract good fortune, allowing more and more good to come to you.

Where attention goes, energy flows and Sunbeam is also a powerful manifesting spray for dreams and aspirations, assisting you with the necessary action steps required to create your reality.

If you are wondering about which of our Serenity Healing Mist sprays to try out first, this is a personal favourite!

Directions for use:

Spray in and around the auric field like a body spray, over chakras above crown etc. Spray around therapy rooms, environments and personal space. Spray on to personal objects, bed linen, pillows. Raises vibration, excellent for use during meditation.

All of our Sprays work well in combination with Serenity Crystal and Flower Essences for extra healing support.

Lasts 4-6 hours in the Aura / Space. 50ml bottle


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