Starburst Spray


For clarity & illumination, a high-frequency cosmic light transmitter & activator for Crystals.

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Starburst was created in April 2017- channelled by Samantha with the following healing message:

I AM a high-frequency cosmic light transmitter & activator for Crystals.

I AM illumination. I am pure, silver crystal-clear Christ light. I provide crystal clear clarity.

I AM a cleanser and transmitter of the highest Spiritual frequency and vibration of Christ Light.

I cleanse, clear and provide illumination, enlightenment, connection to higher Spiritual realms and purification. I remove lower energies, I clear, activate, recharge and revitalise all crystals, amplifying their natural healing ability. I provide light energy from the Pleiadian Star System and Galaxies. Within me is Cosmic Mothers energy, the energy of the unicorns, the energy of the white Rose and higher spiritual dimensions. I AM the light, I AM pure Divine Light.”

Product benefits:
  • Brings in illumination & enhanced clarity
  • Clears space / environments
  • Connects to the higher self – divine essence
  • Cleanses revitalises and activates crystals (without the need for sound or smudging or other methods)
  • Protective – brings in high-frequency light
  • Connected to Christ consciousness energy
  • Created using approx 7 white high vibrational crystals, flower essences and channelled healing from the Pleiades
  • Vibrational frequency on Dr Hawkins scale = 900+, this may change pending your environment and any emotional challenges as the spray supports and heals you
  • Raises vibrational frequency over a 24-hour period from the first spray and last up to a week in an environment.
Directions for use

Use the spray with powerful affirmations. Spray into environments for space clearing and to raise vibration or for personal healing use. Use as an aura or body mist spray particularly around the head, 3rd eye and crown area. Because Starburst is created with powerful light bearing crystals and Star energy, this spray is great to use whenever you need to bring in purity and light. Also works wonders for those that suffer from stress, anxiety, migraines and tension headaches. Spray in the aura as a body mist and around the head or crown area.

Whilst the spray can be used for personal use, its specific intention is to cleanse, clear, activate and recharge Crystals. It is even safe to use on the more fragile crystals like Kyanite.

Simply spray and rub gently into your crystals for clearing, activating and before programming. Reiki energy can also be used with the spray for extra attunement of the crystals. Crystals will automatically sparkle the more you use this sprays to cleanse them and their energy will feel stronger over a longer period of time. Pending how often you work with your Crystals the spray can be used daily, weekly or monthly to clean, awaken and re-energise.

It can also be used by healers and therapists before any energy work to clean, clear and activate the hands before on the body treatments or any kind of clearing of the self before you work on a client.


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