Goddess Spray – Clearance Sale!


For connecting to divine feminine wisdom & transformation. Balances Yin & Yang energy


Our Goddess Healing Mist, (previously called the Divine Feminine Mist) spiritually enhances your connection to the Divine Mother (female aspect of Great Spirit / the Creator or Source) also known as Goddess / Sacred Feminine Energy. Created during the full moon this spray imbues the energy of the Hibiscus flower, Pink Carnation, Sunflower, and nine of the Goddesses with their associated healing crystals and floral fragrances. The Goddesses include: Lakshmi, Mawu, Aphrodite, Lady Kuan Yin,  Aeracura, Hathor, Damara, Mother Kali & Mother Mary

Supports self-compassion, loving-kindness, empathy, and tapping into your natural creative force and potential.

Emotionally it promotes being more compassionate, collaborative, cooperative, connected, nurturing, intimate, loving, soothing, intuitive, authentic, empathetic, passionate, and flowing with life. To be more heart aligned and less over-analytical and mind focused.

This beautiful spray balances the Yang / feminine nature of our being which we should strive to keep in balance and harmony with our masculine energy. (The masculine supports the feminine creative force through action, healthy boundaries, and being lovingly assertive). Promotes being fully open to life and to be creative and joyful with everything that is encountered. This spray also enhances inner strength and resilience to rediscover the creative power within, to let go of control, and surrender to faith and receptivity.

It is immensely powerful when used for personal healing support during times of change, for reflection, and for use in meditation. Use this spray anytime to connect with the Divine Feminine within – your inner creative force, intuition, and loving nurturing nature.

Powerful when used in combination with Kyanite Crystal Essence, 3rd Eye Chakra Crystal Essence or the Crown Chakra Crystal Essence to enhance perception, divine wisdom and embodiment.

Directions for use:

Spray in and around the auric field like a body spray, over chakras above crown etc. Spray around therapy rooms, environments and personal space. Spray on to personal objects, bed linen, pillows. Raises vibration, excellent for use during meditation.

All of our Sprays work well in combination with Serenity Crystal and Flower Essences for extra healing support.

Lasts 4-6 hours in the Aura / Space. 50ml bottle.


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