Chakra Balancer Spray


Chakra Balancing & Alignment. Enhances healing, meditation, channeling.


Aligns all the Chakra’s in one easy to use healing spray – excellent for personal use during channeling/meditation and any kind of healing work. Regular Chakra alignment is really important for our spiritual growth, physical, mental and emotional health and expansion.

This spray is very useful for  Reiki & other Therapists during and after client healing sessions to unblock or align any of the energy centres. Chakra Balancer spray contains the healing energy of various crystal combinations, flowers and fragrance’s associated with each of the 7 Chakra points to create flow, harmony and gentle energetic balance. If you want to enhance your Yoga or meditative practice this is a beautiful spray to use.

When using this spray it is essential to ground yourself and protect your energy before going out or leaving the home or sacred space, It is guaranteed to open up the chakra’s wide!

Directions for use:

Spray in and around the auric field like a body spray, over each of the chakras from the Earth Star finishing at the Crown, or higher chakras.(i.e. Stellar Gateway and Soul Star Chakra) Can also be used over any of the 7 chakras individually for specific healing.

Spray around therapy rooms, environments, bed linen, pillows.Raises vibration, excellent for use during meditation. All our sprays work well in combination with Serenity Crystal and Flower Essences for extra healing support.Excellent for Healers / Therapists to use in their healing practice. Enhances healing session with the client and provides aftercare healing and support

Lasts 4-6 hours in the Aura / Space. 50ml bottle.


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