Bubble Shield Protector Spray


Protection, safety & support. For Clairsentient individuals and Empaths


Many Spiritually aware individuals and Empaths sense, see and feel energies around them.  The more your “light shines” spiritually, the more you may attract lower energies. This spray provides a “bubble” of protection over the auric field helping you to feel at ease, supported and safe, also assists with peaceful sleep. Imbuing the energy of Archangel Michael, a combination of 6 protective crystal energies, including Kunzite, Amethyst and Aegirine and the Cactus Flower Essence. Bubble Shield Protector will  invoke a powerful shield of light around you deflecting unwanted energy and protecting personal space. Suitable for Adults and Children.

This spray also works well in combination with the Smudge Cleanser and Crystal Star Sprays and in combination with the Archangel Michael anointing oil. Use the Smudge to cleanse and Bubble Shield for protection. Crystal Star assists with fear and helps to ground.

Directions for use:

Spray in and around the auric field like a body spray, over chakras above the crown etc. Spray around therapy rooms, environments and personal space. Spray on to personal objects, bed linen, pillows. Use this spray every morning before leaving the home and every night before bedtime or anytime as required. Can also be used in the car to protect while driving.

Lasts 4-6 hours in the Aura / Space. A 50ml bottle.


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