Protea Flower Essence


Higher self, co-creation, chakra clearing


Known as the ‘African Lotus’, the Protea is an exquisite, ethereal and mystical flower imparting deep wisdom and connection to the higher-self and past lives. The Protea is one of the oldest flowers on Earth dating back 300 million years. Named after Proteus, the Son of Poseidon, a shape-shifter, this flower symbolises magic, transformation, diversity and courage.

The Protea grows naturally in South African Fynbos areas which are very dry and prone to fires, the seeds of this phenomenal plant survive within the cone of the flower which then gets dispersed after fires. Once all the petals are removed there exists an exquisite and very prominent sacred geometrical pattern on the cone.

The Protea flower essence provides a gateway to swing wide open allowing you to access information from your Guides and other Divine beings. The resemblance of a beautiful Star, antenna or satellite, the Protea is connected to the higher Crown / Soul Star chakras enabling communication with the unseen. Providing intense spiritual and emotional healing, this flower essence assists with unblocking the entire chakra system to access more of the self and enable transformation, development and awakening to take place.

For those wanting to focus on their own self-healing and wanting to master the self, the Protea flower essence lifts the veil beyond time and space to help one to connect, expand consciousness and journey more deeply with your higher self & spiritual realms. Connecting you to other luminous beings, she brings in deeper knowledge, ancient wisdom, insight, love and healing energy.

A wonderful essence to use for very deep emotional healing, meditation, connecting with Spirit Guides, Angelic realms, Shamanic journeying, past life healing work and Shamanic Soul Retrieval.

Energetic & botanical healing imprint:

King Protea / King Sugarbush (Protea Cynaroides), Strawberry and Clear Quartz crystals. Includes filtered water and alcoholic preservative.

Flower ally personality:

Exotic, mystical, regal, expressive, ancient, sacred, ethereal, strong and sturdy, a doorway

Healing benefits:


Divine and cosmic connection to higher self, higher realms, chakra healing, self-mastery, journeying, visioning, past life messages, transformation and re-birth, soul evolution and ascension


Veils to senses, feelings, seeing, knowing higher realms of existence, fear of one’s own divinity and spiritual gifts, blockages to soul expression, deep-seated emotional trauma’s (linked to childhood, past life, soul loss

Directions for use:

All our crystal and flower essences are sold as stock bottles which can be used directly or made into dosage bottles or combined with other essences for personalised healing requirements.

Flower essences are traditionally taken internally for emotional healing and balancing: Take 3-9 drops under the tongue or in a glass of water, juice or herbal tea 3-5 x per day, use with positive affirmations. Trust your intuition as a guide.

1 x 20ml Stock Bottle – allows you to create more than 20 dosage bottles prolonging the life of your essences!

Proudly South African, 100% Earth nourished!


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