Bird of Paradise Flower Essence


Tenacity, creative potential, manifestation


The Bird of Paradise is a bright orange and purple bloom imbuing bursts of inspiration, creativity and expression.

As old petals die, fresh, bold and bright orange petals that are held within, come out like hidden gifts, creative expression in many forms that pop up one at a time.

Bird of Paradise flower essences is about spreading your wings and taking flight, thinking out the box, self-expression and artistic talent, creating new projects, ideas, inspiration and manifestation. A wonderful essence to use when needing to create new things, for those with big dreams, ideas, goals and needing to put them into action

Energetic & botanical healing imprint:

Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia) bloom, Dalmation Jasper and Amethyst. Includes filtered water and alcoholic preservative.

Flower ally personality:

Claircognizant, artistic, playful, creative, spunky, exotic, intuitive, gifted, expressive, bold, charismatic, a communicator, free-spirited.

“Go wild”

“Just do it”

“Spread your wings and fly.”

“Don’t give up before the magic happens.”

Healing benefits:


Self-expression in artistic and creative ways, inspiration, manifestation and abundance mindset, communication (writing, drawing, speaking, singing, the arts, poetry etc), commitment and perseverance to goals, finishing tasks you have started, an inner knowing or truth about things and how things are put together / function / will work out.


Procrastination, boredom, blocked creativity, feeling scattered, feeling stuck, stifled or suffocated, inability to move forward, feeling held back or constricted, not knowing where to start.

Directions for use:

All our crystal and flower essences are sold as stock bottles which can be used directly or made into dosage bottles or combined with other essences for personalised healing requirements.

Flower essences are traditionally taken internally for emotional healing and balancing: Take 3-9 drops under the tongue or in a glass of water, juice or herbal tea 3-5 x per day, use with positive affirmations. Trust your intuition as a guide.

1 x 20ml Stock Bottle – allows you to create more than 20 dosage bottles prolonging the life of your essences!

Proudly South African, 100% Earth nourished!


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