Path of the Rose Combo Essence

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Sacred feminine alchemy, healing & balance

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Created for the first time in 2018, during powerful new moon energies, this beautiful essence contains a combination of divine feminine crystals and flower vibrations with the intention of healing the sacred feminine and alchemically awakening, healing and bringing one’s shakti energies into harmony and balance.

The Path of the Rose imbues the sacred energy of the Magdalene together with the channelled healing arts of Goddess Isis. This essence is all about cleansing, healing and purifying the sacred womb chakra also known as our Magdalene portal, the seat of the soul and our most precious and most powerful source of creativity. It is also our direct link to the Divine or Cosmic Mother. (Pachamama, Mother Gaia, Divine Sophia)

Path of the Rose is named after the Rose line or lineage of Mary Magdalene and contains the Red, Pink and White Rose flower essences known for their powerful feminine healing qualities. Roses are known to have one of the highest vibrations of flowers and therefore will naturally heal and raise your frequency on many levels. Roses have also been used for centuries in ancient feminine rituals including bathing and anointing the body, they are still widely used today in many feminine mystery schools.

The Red Rose helps one to embody romantic and divine love and instills the feminine qualities of compassion and devotion however it also activates the solar codes and divine masculine energies, the wild, fiery, sensual and passionate side of us, while the white Rose helps to activate our lunar codes, the intuitive, perceptive feminine energies within us, our purity and quintessence.

Both the lunar and sun energies are powerful red and white streams of energy that run through the body and most importantly within our wombs connecting to our left and right ovaries, we must strive for them to be in balance.

Healing benefits:

Through the sacred womb we can embrace our true passions, our full and highest potential, we are able to birth galaxies!  Whether you have a physical womb or not, this essence will help bring one back in alignment with your divine feminine essence. It is also extremely beneficial for young ones starting their menarche or anyone who has suffered with any kind of feminine, womb or yoni trauma, sexual abuse, childbirth, miscarriages, fertility issues, surgical procedures, endometriosis or simply for cleansing after past sexual relationships.


The natural feminine rhythm of your body, self-love, creative potential, purification and cleansing of the sacred womb, birthing new ideas with deep powerful emotional healing and balance.Clarity and perception, brings womb into harmony and balance, nourishing, powerful feminine alchemy and healing of physical and etheric womb.


Blockages, negative emotions during “moon time”, self-disgust or self-loathing, painful menstrual cycles, irregularities in menstrual cycles, past sexual relationship imprinting, negative ancestral imprinting or trauma imprinting from illness, procedures or abuse of the sacred womb and yoni temple.

Directions for use:

This essence is best used during the full moon and new moon cycles, your sacred moon time (menstruation) or it can even be used by those in “moon-a-pause” (menopause) stages.Trust your intuition as a guide and use this essence whenever you feel the need to connect to your sacred self and shakti.

You can use this essence anytime you wish. We recommend 3-9 drops under the tongue, in a glass of water or in a herbal tea blend for use during your moon time or full or dark moon phases, specifically if you are wanting to work on divine feminine or womb healing issues.

Take the drops 3 to 5 x per day as needed. If you are working on a specific feminine issue, we recommend using one full bottle (stock or dosage) until its finished – normally 3-4 weeks is a good indication of time for a significant change to take place.

1 review for Path of the Rose Combo Essence

  1. Samantha le Roux

    As a teenager, I suffered from irregular periods. I was in a lot of pain every time I had my cycle and had to go onto a contraceptive due to this. I knew there was some trauma and my body was not in it’s natural cycle but I was not sure how to heal. When I saw Path of the Rose on instagram, I immediately ordered a bottle and decided to stop the contraceptive at the same time. It only took one bottle for my cycles to regulate and for me to be pain free. I was thrilled. I might consider taking the drops during my cycle for extra support in the future but it has been 2 months and I have not looked back. I highly recommend this magical product.

    Tricia Davis

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