Healer of Hearts Crystal Essence

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Self-love, self-esteem, self-confidence, courage, releasing addictive behaviours, inner child healing & soul loss, setting healthy boundaries.

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The Healer of Hearts Crystal Essence is a powerful inner child blend of 4 crystal energies including Rhodocrocite together with the energy of the Pink Rose. A powerful combination for getting direct to healing the “heart of the matter.”

This essence is different to the Heart Chakra Crystal Essence in that it promotes intense healing of the self and any inner child woundings one may have experienced during early childhood. Before one can love another we must learn how to love the self first. When we do not have a love for ourselves it is near to impossible to fully love someone else or experience true, abundant love without limitations. We simply can not give something we don’t already have for our-self or something we’ve never learnt about or learnt how to give. We must learn from experience.

Severe trauma’s, abuse and soul woundings often result in “lost, suppressed or forgotten” aspects (dealt with as coping mechanisms and buried deep in the psyche). These aspects must be returned to the self and remembered so that true healing can take place. These woundings can severely impact adult life and bring about recurring patterns, relationships, circumstances, life lessons and behaviours until we have learnt to honour and respect ourselves, face these “inner demons” and heal them. This can happen in all areas of life through personal relationships, friendships, parenthood, career life and so on.

As a result, we will often experience difficulty and extreme challenges when we are not in alignment with the truth of who we are as Divine beings and when we disrespect or dis-honour ourselves, act as a doormat for others or when we lack healthy personal boundaries.

This essence is for those who are overly self-critical having intense negative feelings towards the self. It also promotes self-acceptance, self-love, self-confidence, self-esteem, putting important boundaries in place. It also assists those who have suffered any kind of mental, emotional or physical abuse or trauma, bullying and for healing the underlying cause to any heartache or challenges in personal relationships, past relationships or other relationships with yourself or others.  Healer of Hearts teaches you to master the self with awareness and the reflection of one’s choices, it also heals intense grief and emotional pain.

This essence works exceptionally well when used in combination with the Healer of Hearts Healing Mist, or with the Brave Heart or Sunbeam Healing Mists.

Directions for use:

An Earth alchemy elixir in a bottle! Crystal Essences work on a deep emotional level healing the spirit and freeing limiting beliefs, thought patterns and programs. All our Crystal and Flower Essences are sold as stock bottles which can be used directly or made into dosage bottles or combined with other essences for personalised healing requirements.

Download our free “Serenity Natural Healing Guide To Working with Crystal & Flower Essences”  for further information.

Take 3-7 drops under the tongue or in a glass of water, juice or herbal tea. Add 7-10 drops to a jug of water or use 7-10 drops in the bath and soak for 20 min. Place on pulse points or on to Chakra’s or temples. Place on bed linen, therapy and healing rooms.Vibrational energy will support the body to heal holistically from within, use with positive affirmations.

Use in combination with the Serenity Healing Mist Sprays and Healing Pulse Point Oils for extra support.

10ml Stock Bottle – allows you to create more than 10 dosage bottles prolonging the life of your stock bottle! Contains water, crystal healing vibrations and alcohol preservative.


1 review for Healer of Hearts Crystal Essence

  1. clioromanesco

    Hey. how was the essense made? and does it contain rose or just the energy of it? Thank you

    • Samantha le Roux

      Hi Clio,

      Each product is created with crystal and flower essences in a very sacred process. Healer of Hearts contains both the essence of the flower and the actual tincture.
      Warm regards,

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