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Healing the Inner Child

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“I am not what happened to me ….. I AM what I choose to become”  – Carl Jung

Healing for the Inner Child. Many of us suffer from old programming and trauma related to our childhood years which impacts us as adults especially if it has not been healed. Old beliefs, re-occurring patterns, triggers and woundings create our behaviour.

Healing the inner child may be necessary, especially if there are things that have happened in your childhood that have not been resolved. Many of these things are not necessarily in day-to-day awareness. Yet they come up at times when one feels a sense of great sadness and an awareness that something within requires a resolution.

Butterfly Kisses Essence is about healing the past. After our childhood years, as an adult, many people operate life on auto-pilot and that is when the chaos sets, especially with unresolved soul woundings, triggers and patterns demonstrating something within us must change.

The programming from your childhood years runs your life from there on, until you make a decision to change the programming, and heal the issues that are holding you back. This essence helps to shift you from the shackles of victimhood to choosing to be a conscious creator, the master of your own ship and destiny. Our greatest pain is often our greatest gift.

This beautiful essence is created with the vibrational energy of the Butterfly Totem Animal, the Pink Rose and Hibiscus Flower Essences and a combination of healing crystals including Dioptase, Blue Lace Agate, Larimar, Kunzite, Yellow Calcite, Rhodochrosite. Please ensure you have read and understood the product disclaimer on this website before purchase.

Healing benefits:


Acceptance, freedom, playfulness, forgiveness, joy for life, empowerment, clarity, the authentic self, being an illuminated warrior, taking responsibility for oneself


Victimhood, living in the past, ego and need to be right, blaming and shaming, addictive behaviour, unforgiveness, deep-seated soul woundings often suppressed and forgotten (i.e. issues/memories are gently brought into awareness so they can be released, worked on and healed.)

What is the “kiss” of the Butterfly?

It is the infallible reminder of our highest potential and beauty and that within each traumatic experience we have the ability to crawl out of the dark into the light to experience freedom, joy and lightness of being in finding our true authentic selves. The kiss of the Butterfly is the reminder of what was and now is through powerful transformation.

We may never be able to see our own wings, beauty or true magnificence but the slightest touch and mark we make on the petals of this life has the ability to impact others like a pebble in a stream or a drop in the ocean. The inner child is the kiss and gift of our true essence and greatest potential, it is the nectar that pollinates the many flowers and cycles of our lives and is key to birthing our greatest destiny into being.

Directions for use:

Serenity Combination Healing Essences contain combinations of Crystal vibrations and Flower essences with purified water, an alcohol preservative and channelled healing to heal specific conditions.

Please note: While some of these essences promote physical healing descriptions, healing takes place on the emotional, mental and spiritual body by imprinting in the energy field to bring about powerful transformation and re-balancing so that the body can gently heal itself naturally. These essences help to powerfully shift the emotional condition (thoughts, behaviours, patterning) that brought about the physical manifestation of the illness in the first place.

All our Crystal and Flower Essences are sold as stock bottles which can be used directly or made into dosage bottles or combined with other essences for personalised healing requirements.

Take 3-7 drops under the tongue or in a glass of water, juice or herbal tea. Use with positive affirmations. Trust your intuition as a guide.

1 x 20ml Stock Bottle – allows you to create more than 20 dosage bottles prolonging the life of your essences!


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