Amethyst Healing Range

by | Sep 23, 2016 | Indigo Chilldren | 0 comments

Hello friends,


My name is Samantha Le Roux, I live in South Africa and I am the founder and creator of Serenity – our Spiritual Network, as well as our range of Natural Healing products and services.


I’m also a Spiritual Teacher trained by Margi McAlpine, affiliated with the Angel Connection School of Africa, a Certified Flower Therapy Healer, Reiki Practitioner and I hold an Honours degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.


Because I’m passionate about my own self mastery and healing others, I left the corporate world of Marketing and Brand Consulting to pursue my dream, my vision and my Soul’s purpose – “ to spiritually empower and heal our Youth.”


I’m also an eternal student as I believe my own evolution is important and I enjoy learning new things to grow myself and share with others.


My goal is to help both Parents and Youth to embrace their unique spiritual gifts, inspiring, motivating, supporting and healing them to be their grandest version, of the highest vision they hold true for themselves. I believe there is a  great need to enrich Youth to be empowered Spiritual beings to fulfill their purpose and reach their full potential.

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