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About Serenity Natural Healing
The Serenity Spiritual Network was founded by Samantha Le Roux in March 2014, after a calling to implement an online platform to reach as many people as possible that would support the holistic well-being and spiritual development of Youth – The new “Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow” Children.

In early 2015 Samantha received direct Divine guidance and instructions on how to create two of her healing products,“Bright Spark” and “Brave Heart” with a powerful message from Spirit to implement her life purpose and to start a healing business.

Since then, Samantha’s passion for healing and teaching Youth has evolved on a much greater scale following a more collective healing approach, aligned with her own personal healing journey and now includes her healing practice, “Serenity Natural Healing.”

Offering four different product ranges and over thirty different healing products Serenity Natural Healing, offers a completely unique range of handcrafted, Earth nourished medicine, balancing and healing on a deep emotional level.

Working intuitively, incorporating her own knowledge, Shamanic training and healing gifts, Samantha continues to offer through Serenity one-on-one healing consultations, online tools, events, workshops and classes.

Thus, Serenity Natural Healing exists to empower You, support and heal You along your spiritual development and journey – enriching your true Divine potential.

Our Vision
“To be a leading spiritual and healing platform dedicated to spreading a legacy of light, love, healing support and Divine teaching, to light up Africa and elevate individuals into empowered, purposeful spiritual beings to bring about positive change.

In so doing, we collectively enrich, inspire and benefit society, our communities, the environment, Africa the continent, the world and humanity as a whole.”

Meet Samantha
Owner, Teacher, Earth Medicine Alchemist & Intuitive Therapist
“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

– E.E. Cummings

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.” – Hippocrates
Hello friends,

My name is Samantha Le Roux, I live in South Africa and I am the founder and creator of Serenity – our Spiritual Network, as well as our range of natural healing products and services.

I’m also a Spiritual Teacher trained by Margi McAlpine, affiliated with the Angel Connection School of Africa, a Certified Flower Therapy Healer, Intuitive Plant Medicine & Reiki Practitioner and I hold an Honours degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Because I’m passionate about my own self-mastery and healing others, I left the corporate world of Marketing and Brand Consulting to pursue my dream, my vision and my Soul’s purpose – “ to teach You about the many gifts of earth nourished healing and to spiritually empower You to fulfil your highest purpose. I specialise in emotive energetic healing, healing the spiritual and emotional body before any illness can manifest into physical form and releasing limiting patterns and behaviours potentially preventing you from achieving this. The gift of life is a miracle and each and every one of us has an important role to play!”

I’m also an eternal student as I believe my own evolution is important and I enjoy learning new things to grow myself and share with others.

My goal is to help You to embrace your unique gifts, inspiring, motivating, supporting and healing you to be your grandest version, of the highest vision you hold true for yourself. As an Empath and from my own childhood experiences I also believe there is a  great need to support and enrich Youth to be empowered Spiritual beings so that the “circle of divine light”  is understood and can spread to future generations so humanity can evolve.

Working with Youth and Parents goes hand in hand. All of my work is dual focused, integrating the holistic well-being of both the Parent and Child because often healing is needed on both levels with a domino effect. There is a great need to support Empaths, Highly Sensitive Individuals and those who suffer from ADD / ADHD, Autism  and other learning or mental disabilities with natural means that do not block or suffocate their natural Spiritual gifts and potential.

I also believe that illness can be prevented, supported and healed naturally.

Through Serenity, I’ve developed a range of vibrational healing products, a spiritual educational platform as well as a networking forum for other Therapists to share their expertise.

This website will empower you with various spiritual healing tools, e-Literature, products and services, workshops, events and more to incorporate into your daily life.

My desire is that through Serenity, You and your family are empowered and healed to live this magnificent life as your true authentic self, using the gifts of our Divine Mother Earth and embracing your soul’s true journey!

Together, let’s be the change we wish to see in this World because everything is possible!

Serenity Natural Healing Products

Most illness and ‘dis-ease’ is rooted in our negative belief systems, emotions, thoughts and behaviour patterns from our personal experiences, lifestyle choices, day to day stresses or circumstances.To heal, one must look at healing the emotional and mental state first solving the root cause and not the symptom of imbalance.

Mother Nature’s gifts are abundant, gentle and nurturing.Through the energy of crystals and flowers, healing takes place on a deep vibrational level with powerful transformative effects. This means that it helps to raise frequency by increasing life force energy mentally, emotionally and spiritually within the body. Vibrational healing is a form of energy healing through colour, fragrance, healing essence or properties of the flower or crystal itself and even the natural structure of the plant known as the “Doctrines of Signature.” Every flower or plant on the planet can be linked to a human emotional trait which is imbued through how the plant grows, its natural structure, form, habitat, affinity and innate characteristics.

During the production process, these healing characteristics of the flower and crystal become imprinted through sunlight or moonlight and sacred geometry like an energy signature.

Allopathic Medicine can be harmful and toxic to our bodies and is often not aligned to a higher frequency or vibration and it is normally used to treat the symptom but not the actual cause.

To heal, one must move to a higher state, releasing these negative emotions, transcending into peace, calm, joy and love which carry the highest vibration, creating expansion, creativity and opening up the heart chakra. When we feel sad, angry, guilty or ashamed we vibrate at very low level constricting our natural flow of “Chi” or energy through the body. This is what can make us physically ill.

Serenity’s range of Crystal and Flower Essences, Sprays and Oils are uniquely South African alchemically working to transform, balance and heal on a deep emotional level. Our Healing Mist Sprays provide subtle and transformational, healing support that stays in the human energy field up to 6 hours at a time, balancing, restoring and creating harmony.

Serenity’s holistic range is 100% natural and recommended for anyone needing to shift :

  • Emotional components of a given symptom, imbalance or issue
  • Chronic emotional patterns
  • Re-occurring cycles of deep feelings (Empaths / Highly Sensitive Individuals)
  • Programs – of negative, limiting and continuous looping thoughts or beliefs
  • Trauma, chronic anxiety, fear, feelings of self-limitation
  • Chronic feelings of being stuck
  • Inner Child woundings or other suppressed traumas, relationship issues or Soul loss
  • Desire for a deeper connection with intuition or to one’s life path and purpose

Everything is energy and what we put out there we feel, often unaware of the impact.

Flower and Crystal Essences are gentle, completely safe to use and also self–regulating.As soon as the optimal healing level is reached nature knows to stop working holistically to balance and align the mental, emotional and spiritual body.

Plants and flowers already contain within them the blue print for the greatest life force energy available to man, such healing is 100% natural, it can not be patented. Used consistently one can experience greater states of harmony and joyful purpose.

Working on the principles of Dr Emoto, at Serenity Natural Healing all our products are programmed with affirmations and specific healing intent.

Our Creation Process
At Serenity, we believe in rejuvenating the senses and healing the Spirit through the abundant and inherent healing gifts of Earth nourished medicine.

Every essence, spray and oil uses a combination of two or more healing crystals, flowers, herbs, tinctures and essential oils. Through sacred ceremony, prayful intent, divine channelled healing, sacred geometry, numerology, sound vibrations, flower therapy healing, affirmations, colour and fragrance every product is alchemically handcrafted and also carefully monitored and measured against the Dr Hawkins Scale of Consciousness.

The higher the frequency, the more life force an object has. More life force means better health and the ability to transform and heal. Our products proudly measure above the 500 mark. Note, however, that each product will take on the vibrational frequency of its new owner, on purchase.

It is important to note that our products are not based on the principles of colour healing, whilst colour is important and plays a role, the actual combination of ingredients, fragrance and colour is carefully selected, combined and aligned to its specific emotional healing intention.

What makes our products unique and different is the magic created when they are alchemically combined and the high vibrational healing gifts of Mother Earth, the elements, crystals, flowers and plant medicine themselves.

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Flower Therapy Healing Sessions
Flower Therapy is a beautiful, gentle and nurturing form of on the body energy healing treatment integrating real flowers with Crystal Healing, Floral Acupuncture and Reiki energy.

Each healing session incorporates an upfront intuitive reading to gain insight into the emotional psyche and requirements for healing. This includes a conversation about your current life situation, thoughts, feelings and general well-being followed by an energetic body scan and the actual healing treatment.

During the healing session, I channel the energies of the Divine together with the healing energies of plants, crystals and flowers to balance, restore, cleanse and clear the chakras and any emotional blockages. Flower Essences are also placed on key energy meridians or acupuncture points. These meridian points act as portals into the body’s energy system integrating the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the magic of vibrational plant medicine for added support and enhanced healing benefits. Relaxing, nurturing and deeply transformative this treatment provides profound self-healing and balance.

As emotions and negative thought patterns are released within the body at a deep cellular level, the body, mind and spirit are brought back into balance and harmonized, allowing healing to take place naturally, restoring your true inner beauty and tranquillity once more.

During each session, the healing process is enhanced with the use of the Serenity Crystal & Flower Essences or Healing Mist Sprays to promote complete holistic well-being.

Consultations range from :

20 – 40 minutes for Children  / Teens – R350 per session

1 hour to 80 minutes for Adults – R500 per session

Healing services are offered through Serenity Natural Healing in Johannesburg only.

For more information or to book a session please Contact Sam

Crystal & Flower Essence Consultations

Spiritual guidance and emotional healing advice is provided during a  45-60 minute session utilising the Serenity Natural Healing Range of Crystal and Flower Essences as well as Bach Flower Remedies and other international Flower Essences.

This includes the making up of one dosage bottle, a personalised essence blend for the client to use over a 3-6 week period included in the consultation fee.  Please note postage and delivery is an additional cost determined on local or international location.

Crystal and Flower Essences are a subtle form of energy medicine that has a powerful transformative affect of your emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. Each essence contains the imprint of a specific flower and or crystal and infused in pure spring water. Extremely beneficial for releasing limiting patterns of behaviour and thoughts helping to instil greater harmony, joy and balance.

Crystal and Flower Essence consultations are recommended for those wanting to work with deeper emotional and energetic patterns in their life and who are open to intuitive expansion. These consultations are also extremely beneficial for Youth with learning and concentration challenges, confidence, self-esteem or peer pressures.

Following the Consultation, I provide a write up with the suggested essence formula. Each consultation includes a personalised 30ml dosage bottle.

These consultations can be conducted in person or via Skype:

Initial consultation (One hour) includes a Crystal/Flower Essence Formula: R350

Follow up consultations: R300 per hour

Make up of dosage bottle only: R120

For more information or to book a consultation please Contact Sam

Intuitive Healing Products

For those in need of extra healing support or wanting to work on a specific area of healing in your life. I offer personalised or channeled sprays and essences. This is like having an intuitive or psychic reading for yourself but instead, you receive a unique personalised healing product in the form of a spray or essence gifted to you from your Guides or Divine support team to support you and assist you with very specific healing.

Often the Guides will decide if this is to be a spray or an essence and it will always be aligned to your path and any particular support that is needed at the time.

The lead time is normally 2-3 weeks which includes a 30-40 minute upfront consultation to determine general well-being and any specific areas you’d like to work on. After the consultation, an actual unique product is channeled and created specifically for you together with a write-up and including any messages or insights.

The cost of an intuitive consultation is R500 including the product.

For information or to book a consultation please Contact Sam

To book a healing appointment with Samantha
Warm words from Serenity clients and customers:

A woman of integrity, Samantha is a person who listens attentively without judgment. Being the authentic compassionate person she is, clients can’t help feeling completely comfortable and trusting in her presence.  She puts her clients above all else and constantly strives to improve and assist them. She is without doubt one of the most sincere therapists I have met, true to her word and indeed, a gifted healer. 

Martin Bernstein

Auricular Practitioner & Owner at Lifeforce Fitness

Almost 67, I am blessed to lead a very full and active life, writing books, giving healing and health presentations worldwide, hosting Soul Retreats In the beautiful Waterberg, swimming with dolphins in Mozambique, and care-taking a truly Divine Health Sanctuary in Rivonia, Johannesburg, leaving precious little time for much else, which is why Samantha’s products are so amazing! Faced with so many different opportunities, my skin welcomes the glorious combination of oils, herbs, infused with loving energies.  Thank you Samantha, for giving my skin the treat it deserves.

Chris Stormer-Fryer

Author - "The Language of the Feet"

Samantha is a warm, kind, loving person, and very professional. One can see and feel all these beautiful qualities of her in the products she makes for Serenity Natural Healing. I use her products in my Massage and Reiki studio and always get an excellent response from my clients….the vibrations in my healing room stay at a high frequency for over 24 hours. Samantha has truly a gift and passion for her  healing work and creations that can truly transform you and gently assist with life. Her sprays gently fold over you as if the Angels had made it themselves………Samantha thank you, you are a soul whisperer.
Elaine Richter

The Relaxation Station

I have used various products in the Serenity Natural Healing range and was intrigued when Sam introduced a Hibiscus flower essence that she was guided to create. When I purchased the essence I asked Sam if she could channel a spray unique to me. Her enthusiasm re-assured me I was on the right track as I initially thought my request might be strange. We spoke about my intention for the spray and what I thought might be appropriate for me.It was 6 weeks* later that we met again when the spray was ready.  Everything about my spray is special – the colour is mesmerising (I can never quite describe the shade of green that it is), the fragrance is beautiful and the presentation with a write up from Sam brings it all together.I use my spray every day – prior to meditation, when I study, for space clearing  – to name but a few uses. I love how the spray has supported me and I know that the next one that we collaborate on will be just as special. Thank you very much, Samantha!

(*Fazila’s spray took longer than normal due to a new Guide that came forth to work with her and who inspired her unique spray and how it was to support her healing and development.)

Fazila Bizoir

Owner at Soulfulness

Wow, I have been wondering why I am so very happy the last few days. It feels like everything that happens in my world that used to impact me, no longer has any effect on me.

I am literally floating with a walk in my step.

The Sage Smudge Cleanser spray and the protection spray is divine and helps me clear whatever energy comes my way. Things just fly through me, you would think I’m invisible!

I also use the Divine Feminine spray twice a day and people at work love it, they keep asking me to spray it after every 4 hours!

Thank you for everything, for the pretty packaging (I love pretty things…..)

and generally for the products as they help me greatly in living the life I was destined to have.

As I said, these products are the DIGGIDY BOMB!POW

With thanks

Lerato Nkabinde


The new  Pansy Flower Essence is amazing!

When I use it I can’t even explain how powerful the feeling of the 3rd eye chakra opening is, even the Throat and Heart Chakra. It’s helping me to let go of what happened in the past in a more accepting and forgiving way.

I am also having amazing results with my clients using your flower essences in my massage therapies!

The Pink Rose essence is helping my client to open up and express themselves more.

My Clients feel like a weight has been lifted when I use them.

Amalia Wiese

Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer & Massage Therapist


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